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This site is for new UK members. If you are renewing a membership please click here

To sign up for RSGB membership right now and start receiving great membership benefits simply click below. Don't forget you can also sign up groups of radio amateurs living at the same address a special group category we call Family Membership. All people in the household are considered members in their own right and have the same voting privileges etc. as other members. The only difference is that only one RadCom is posted to each address. You will need to provide the names, callsigns (if licensed) and dates of birth for all the other members you wish to add to this membership. There is a field in this online signup to provide this information, although if you prefer you can submit extra names by email to

NOTE: All the membership information is collected in the checkout pages of this programme. If this membership is being purchased as a gift, you will need to complete delivery address for the recipient and mark the callsign box in the invoice section as 'gift'.

If you would like to save £4.00 off the price below by paying by Direct Debit please click here

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A 1.00 charge is added at the checkout stage but the donation selected will be applied to your card

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